Cross-platform app development with Xamarin

EPS Software Engineering AG relies on Xamarin for app development. Thanks to Xamarin, over 75% of the source code for iOS and Android is shared. By using the cross-platform, software development projects can quickly be realized - with simultaneous cost savings.

The hybrid app represents investment protection - the app can be easily adapted for other app platforms in the future.

EPS app development


Concept and Consultation


UX design with partner / designer of the customer


App development with Xamarin


App Placement – Google PlayStore and AppStore

Google PlayStore and AppStore

Backend / web portals / operation / support / update / maintenance

Functional principle of code sharing and the use of library sets: view here

Reference Applications

Dispo.Eberhard APP - Driver App

The Eberhard companies are leaders in the construction and environmental markets. The Eberhard companies' own vehicle fleet has been using Nufatron's telematics solution for years, which is permanently installed in the vehicles.

Depending on capacity utilisation and requirements, the various Eberhard companies work together with external transport companies and external truck drivers.

The Eberhard Driver App was developed to better integrate these external drivers into the Eberhard dispatching system. This allows the processes to be digitized via the mobile phone of the respective driver. This greatly reduces the time and effort involved in placing orders and fulfilling them, and the dispo.Eberhard App virtually eliminates the need for enquiries and telephone calls. All orders are assigned to the driver directly from the dispatching system of the Eberhard Group and booked automatically.

Functions of the Eberhard Driver App

  • Download from Apple AppStore and Google Playstore
  • Interface design in CI / CD of the Eberhard Group
  • Login and individual release of driver and vehicles by the Eberhard administrator via driver code
  • Drivers can be assigned several vehicles and uses
  • Material, quantity, loading location, unloading location, date, destination navigation, confirm unloading, etc.
  • Destination can be reached with Google or Apple navigation system.
  • Communication function / chat function with push messages Function between control centre and driver
  • Functions of the Eberhard Driver App

EPS Software Engineering AG together with Nuftaron AG designed the app architecture and implemented the Eberhard Driver App for iOS and Android.

EPS Software Engineering AG was able to draw on proven technology and many years of experience with Microsoft's Xamarin cross-platform solution for the conception and implementation of the Eberhard Driver App. By using EPS' own library sets, the development time was kept short and the budget low.

Xamarin is a freely available OpenSource software for Visual Studio .NET and C#.


Cross platform app development with Xamarin for the transport logistics solution TRANPO-DRIVE® 20-15 by Nufatron.

Transport logistics with TRANSPO-Drive® 20-15 by Nufatron: Interactive exchange of order and performance data between mobile employees and the dispatching/central office.

Based on the mobile Android devices from TomTom with GPS real-time navigation, the software development team from EPS Software Engineering AG implemented the app for transport logistics. In addition to the app, EPS also developed the backend and the web application, which handles order processing and route planning.

The modular logistics solution developed by Nufatron is scalable and offers suitable modules for digital processing and control in logistics. TRANPO-DRIVE® 20-15 not only provides location and route information but also all communication between mobile employees, e.g. between driver and head office. The app takes care of service recording, order transmission and tacho data / HVF download via Bluetooth.

The development on the basis of the Xamarin cross development platform and finished module libraries - the EPS library set - minimizes the development time through code reuse / sharing and saves costs. In addition, the use of Xamarin guarantees investment protection in order to be able to subsequently serve other platforms at any time, e.g. iOS or Windows, without having to redevelop the app.

Talk to Stephan Sutter or Christian Schmid. They will be happy to show you current references and possibilities and create a rough concept with cost estimate for your project.

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EPS Software Engineering AG: App Development with Xamarinin

  • Cross platform framework: IOS, Android, Windows
  • More than 75% of software code reused in code sharing
  • Savings in development costs and development time
  • Investment protection through possible extensions to all devices (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • EPS Library Set for maximum code sharing
  • Established processes (helpdesk and workflow) for efficient collaboration

Functional principle of code sharing and the use of library sets

View here

EPS & Xamarin History


IOS App Porting of the Eberhard Driver App with Xamarin


IOS App-Porting of the Eberhard Driver App with Xamarin

EPS Software Engineering AG ported the Eberhard Driver App from Android to IOSbased on Xamarin and their own EPS Library Set within a few weeks.

Therefore the Eberhard Driver App is available now for Apple iPhones and iPads in the Appstore.


Xamarin App for Leica Geosystems


Leica BLK3D announced for fall 2018

Leica Geosystems announces the Leica BLK3D. As a leading product for modern GPS and laser-based surveying, the BLK3D is one of the market leaders in digital metrology.

EPS Software Engineering AG has designed and implemented the interactive software solution in close cooperation with Leica Geosystems.


Disto Plan App for Andriod and iOS announced for summer 2018

The Disto Plan App makes it possible to connect all Bluetooth and WLAN capable Leico Disto devices, in order to read and process data.

The Disto Plan App for Android will be launched on Google PlayStore in early May.

The Disto Plan App for iOS will be available in the AppStore shortly afterwards in June.


All under the signature of TRANSPO-Drive


TRANSPO-Drive order module comes onto the market

TRANSPO-Drive order module comes onto the market. The TRANSPO-Drive order module will be presented to an interested customer group at the transport-CH in Bern.


TRANSPO-Drive order module comes onto the market

The TRANSPO-Drive order module for TomTom will be presented to an interested customer group at Transbit 2017. The delivery starts and within six months about 350 installations have already been implemented.


Highlights from working with Xamarin


TRANSPO-Drive 2015 comes onto the market

The first delivery to Marti Gründungstechnik starts.


Microsoft acquires Xamarin

With the takeover of Xamarin by Microsoft, the Xamarin framework receives a lot of impetus and lasting security. EPS Software Engineering AG benefits as a pioneer / experienced Xamarin App developer. Mobile apps for the Android, iOS and Windows platforms can be developed quickly and easily across platforms with Xamarin. The acquisition of Microsoft will make Xamarin an important development platform for modern apps.


3D Disto Release 4 is released

The 3D Disto app created for Leica Geosystems will be released in a Windows version, especially for use with Windows Surface.


Development of TRANSPO – Drive for Nufatron has begun


With the start of development, the EPS Software Engineering AG team continues to meet the challenges in geo, GPS and sensor-based app technology and can fall back on many already implemented software modules in the EPS Library Set.


Xamarin.iOS 6.2 is released


Xamarin.iOS 6.2 now supports Microsoft Visual Studio.


3D Disto software as Windows application


EPS Software Engineering AG implements the first cross-platform app for the 3D Disto project from Leica Geosystems.


Foundation of Xamarin


Novell fires all 30 mono developers

Miguel de Icaza founds Xamarin and most employees move from Novell to Xamarin


Start of 3D Disto development for Leica Geosystems


MonoTouch is released

With the launch of Monotouch, the platforms Android and iOS are now supported.


EPS lands the Leica contract for the 3D Disto app

EPS is awarded the contract to develop the HMI software for the 3D product line Disto.


Mono 2.0 is released


Mono 2.0 is introduced as a completely new software update.


Mono 1.0 is released


With the support of Novell, the release of Mono 1.0 marks the launch of the first comprehensive framework that today still forms the basis of the Xamarin software framework.


Purchase of Ximian by Novell


Ximian becomes Xamarin.


First presentation


First presentation at the GNOME conference


Start of Mono as an OpenSource Project

Miguel de Icaza starts the implementation of a C# compiler and founds the company Ximian.

APP Development with Xamarin

The experienced EPS software developers will advise you on the conception and planning of your mobile app.

EPS Software Engineering AG offers comprehensive services for app development. Depending on requirements, we work together with our external UX, UIX designers. Depending on the web application and budget, we can rely on strong partners at home and abroad.

By using Xamarin, a large part of the programmed source code can be used for iOS and Android apps, but also for desktop applications. The big advantage are short development times and lower development costs. As a customer, you benefit from maximum code sharing and short development times as well as EPS's own software libraries, the so-called EPS Library Set.

The apps developed by EPS will be placed in the App Store and the Google Play Store. If you wish, we can take over the entire handling of Apple and Google for you, including management, online marketing, stores, payment processing, update and maintenance, as well as support.