EPS Software Engineering AG is your competent partner when it comes to consultation, design, analysis, development, testing, documentation and maintenance of software in the technical environment.

Company history

It all began on 9th October 1973 under the name “EPS AG für Elektronische Prozesssteuerungen”. Back then, our equipment was still very modest, but the young company was able to rapidly expand and establish itself on the market thanks to its good order situation.

When interfaces and software increasingly appeared on the market in the 1980s, which were suitable for “embedded applications”, we were assigned interesting tasks. Among other things, we were able to develop track control systems, traffic control systems, energy disposition systems and the first fullyautomated mill. In the years that followed, we also developed control systems for rail and car traffic (Integra, Sauber&Gisin), for various industrial productions, the distribution of electrical energy (EG Laufenburg) and for remote control and monitoring of municipal factories (Rittmeyer).

When the interest, real estate and economic bubble burst in 1992, turbulent times began for EPS. But by mid-1993, the company had been able to recover and was back in the black again – this is still the case today. The name is the only fundamental change to date: “EPS AG für Elektronische Prozesssteuerungen” became “EPS Software Engineering AG” in 2003 – and this has been the case up to the present day.