Software in products - Cases

PCAP-Suisse web application

In collaboration with tecData AG and hospitals (USZ, KSA, GNW), we have developed an HTML5 web application to evaluate performance data for LEP AG. For hospitals, evaluation is a valuable tool for process optimisation, which can now be significantly expanded with the conversion to a web application.

Driver migration


Gebrüder Loepfe AG, one of the technology leaders in the field of automated quality controls for spinning and weaving mills, has been supported and advised by us during the adaptation of its driver stack.

The driver has been signed by EPS for use with Windows 8 / Server 2012 (kernel mode) and contains bug fixes and improvements from the last 10 years.


CAD/CAM system

Kellenberger’s circular grinding machinery have long since been able to grind round contours together with almost any form required. To make the process of creating and inspecting the movement commands easier, the KEL-SOFT CAD/CAM system was developed in cooperation with EPS

Measuring systems

precision measuring systems, we developed the software for the “Leica 3D Disto” mobile measuring system.

Machine control

Visual programming in the CNC environment, which we developed for precision grinder manufacturer L. Kellenberger & Co. AG, is also contained in the field of device and machinery operations.

Passenger information

The programming of the passenger information system used on the Sihltal-Zürich-Üetliberg-Bahn (SZU) is also part of the “software in products” business division. It provides real-time passenger information.